Services & Prices

Services and prices we offer include:
Guitar repair workshop - gibson centerPlease note all prices excl strings due to varying prices of different brands etc. We typically supply D’addario Strings: Electric at £6, Acoustic £8, coated are also usually available. Please feel free to supply your own strings if you’d prefer.

Standard  Set-Up/ Service: £45

Includes action lower/ adjustment, intonation set correctly (with the worlds most accurate guitar tuner), fret polish (this brings them up to a mirror shine), nut slot height adjustment, truss rod adjustment, electronics clean out,  fret board clean & oil  and body general clean up & polish.  Includes labour charge of some small parts such jack socket etc  (you just pay for the part).  Also, feel free to drop back in to tweak the set up if you find that its not quite right for you, or if the guitar has acclimatized to your home and moved slightly.

Fret Dress & Set up: £85
Often we find the frets and/or fret board are quite uneven. Guitar necks commonly have ‘kick up’ at the upper frets where the neck has absorbed moisture and swollen slightly – a sure sign is choking out of bent notes in the upper register.
All the frets re-levelled, re-crowned (and glued down if necessary) as well as any sharp fret ends smoothed off and re-rounded. A fret dress is often the only way to get your instrument playing properly with a low action, typically 40-45 thou on the treble side (unfretted high E string measured at 12th fret) and 60-65 on the low E.

Your guitar then gets the full set up which includes action, intonation, fret polish, nut slot height, truss rod adjustment, electronics clean out,  fret board clean & oil  and body general clean up.  Includes labour charge of fitting some small parts such jack socket etc if required  (you just pay for the part).

Set up and Fret Dress with Compound Radius: £99 (Includes a standard set-up)

Adding a compound radius to a neck (flatter fingerboard at the upper region) means you can achieve the lowest action. This is the kind of thing seen on many modern high-end guitars, which is a big part of the reason they feel so comfortable to play. However, a guitar needn’t cost £1k+ to play that way.

The easiest way to picture a compound radius is a section of a cone, as opposed to a normal/ straight radius – which is a section of a tube. For a pictorial explanation click here.

So there’s no reason why a retro or re-issue instruments shouldn’t be just as easy to play as any modern guitar. We often get requests to set up a re-issue ’52 tele (famous for small radius all the way up the neck) with a lower action. The 7.25 inch radius of the wood stays as it is, but the fret tops are dressed in such a way that the playing surface radius increases as you go up the neck.

It’s a great way to get the vintage tone but with modern playability without affecting the value of the instrument, in fact it increases it to most players, as the instrument becomes so much more useable.

Refret: £185 (includes fret dress and set up but you may need a new nut)

There are several reasons to refret your guitar, natural wear and tear, to improve playability or take care of humps and bumps in the neck. Also a warped neck can often be fixed during a refret as the fingerboard is levelled and a compound radius can be introduced if required.  Many players find that a new lease of life can be found in a tired old guitar that sounds fantastic, but is tough to play due to low and tired old frets. You can even bring in your favourite guitar and have the fret wire measured and the same size and shape wire used in the re-fret to get it playing in such a way that you already know is going to be comfortable.

We use Jescar  fret wire,  the same as Fender and Gibson’s custom shops, Suhr and Tom Anderson.  Many sizes available, including Stainless Steel and Evo Gold (both £40 extra) and custom sizes normally only used on Suhr and Tom Anderson models.

If you need a new nut we’ll work out a deal for you, come and see us with the guitar for the options.


We supply and fit most brands of pick up, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Bareknuckle, L.R. Baggs,  Headway, Fishman etc. Cost of fitting is usually approx £20 for Gibson style guitar, £30 for Strat /Tele bridge.  Prices for acoustic pick ups varies with the complexity of the system, but typically an under saddle pick up is approx £40.

We have great value deal on Bareknuckle Pickups , fitting is £10 if the pickups are purchased from us. This puts the handmade boutique guitar pickup in a similar price range to the factory made brands. Please see for pickups price list. Why do we do this? …Simple, we love ’em!

We also have a deal on the L.R.Baggs element acoustic guitar pick up, supplied and fitted for £165. We used to fit the Fishman pick ups but the Baggs stuff has blown us away over the past few years, amazing big, warm, crisp tone…I’ve even changed my own acoustic guitar pre-amp over to an L.R Baggs Element.

Other Repairs:

We have trade accounts with most big name manufacturers, including: Fender, Martin, Ibanez, Taylor, PRS and many more, so we can usually get the original parts you require. We also supply the major parts manufacturers including Gotoh, Schaller, Allparts, WD Music, Sperzel etc.

We can supply and fit many parts such as machine heads, custom and factory standard scratch plates, bridges and other general hardware. Please email for details:

Supply and fit jack socket:

(we use the highest quality parts CTS, Switchcraft etc– included in price)

Solid body           £15

Hollow body       £20

Barrel jack           £21

Acoustic ‘End-Pin’ style £25

Replace nut (inc materials)

Bleached/ unbleached Bone, Tusq, Graphite, Slipstone £35

Replace Acoustic Saddle (inc materials)

Bone, Tusq, Graphite etc              £30

(budget guitars with plastic nut / saddle may be less)

Pick up rewind to spec £45

Pick up wax-potting £25 for 1st, £15 for 2nd & 3rd etc.


We use a fully eco-compliant HVLP system in a heated booth and very experienced sprayers to get a pro finish or re-finish.  Prices start from £150, please email with details for a quote.

Headstock/ Neck Repairs:

In the life of a gigging musical instrument it’s likely that the guitar will receive a few bumps and knocks along the way, roadies and courier firms often forgetting that just because it’s in a case and/or box, doesn’t mean it can be thrown around! Unfortunately the price tag of a guitar doesn’t reflect how well it will survive a knock, and fine mahogany necked guitars (majority of Gibson, Martin etc) can suffer serious damage such as cracking or breaking the neck near the headstock with a seemingly minor bump. These repairs are something we have specialized in for several years now, we’ve had guitars sent to us from all over Europe when other repairs have failed.

Glued repairs:
A common type of repair is to glue and clamp the crack, and then set up and fret dress the guitar. We then do some small cosmetic repairs but the crack might be visible. Cost is usually £150 including a fret dress and set up. It should be noted that this kind of repair can not be guaranteed as there is a chance of hidden internal cracks that its impossible to know about. Often with budget guitars we will do our best to make it financially viable, please call or pop in with the guitar for details.

Spline repairs
As mentioned above headstock breaks can have several internal cracks that can’t be seen, that can open at a later date with another bump. This is something we have seen many times, and also some breaks are inherently too weak due to small area of gluing surface.

Happily, nowadays we have a guaranteed method of repair that means the finished result will be far stronger than the guitar was when new. The break is glued and clamped as mentioned above, but then we use the McConville NSK jig to route two deep channels either side of the truss rod. We then make two well fitting straight grained mahogany infills that are glued in place. They are leveled off, sealed, primed and painted to blend in before the guitar is fret dressed and set up. As mentioned, this repair is guaranteed, it wont break again (unless you jump up and down on it!)
Cost of this full repair including paint is £495. It is often done through home insurance, please contact us for details.
Alternatively it can be repaired without the paint, reducing the cost to £295. Many customers like the look of the splines – kind of like comparing scars or war wounds, please see our twitter page (on the home page) for examples.

Acoustic Body Repairs

We carry out a large number of repairs to acoustic instruments that have suffered damage. We always try to keep the repair as sympathetic to the instrument as possible, and have a large number of special clamps and jigs to aid repair. We also have a small camera that fits inside the guitar so you can see  “before and after ” images if required.

Prices for crack repairs vary, so please bring the guitar in for a quote. We always recommend getting cracks glued up before they have a chance to spread the length of the guitar, many major repairs can be prevented with a minor repair in the initial stages.  Loose braces (a major cause of rattle) are also re-glued.


This has become increasingly popular over the years, and we have been developing our own techniques from scratch as well as employing the current factory practisces used by custom shops. We believe our techniques give us the “reality” edge most people are looking for (it isn’t about whacking the guitar with a screwdriver as many think!) but it does take a month or so to achieve this, maybe longer depending on the level of relic’ing required. Pale maple necks can be darkened in the process if required. Price depends on the level required, usual costs are around £100 – £150

Re-String £10

Scratch / Finish Repair from  £15, poly and nitro, please call in with the guitar for a quote.

Insurance & broken guitar help:

We can help with insurance advice, please call.

Custom Building

Essentially, anything is possible, we have built unique effects into guitars, transferred Line 6 electronics, rebuilt sentimental old guitars (one with with material from a customers loved ones furniture!) as well as scratch building electrics and acoustics. Please call in with details for an estimate.

We offer advice tailored to the customer, and we understand that some guitars and budgets don’t require the highest level of attention – sometimes a bit of gaffer tape is all that’s required!

Education Discount

We perform instrument repairs for many local schools, colleges and universities, as well as youth clubs – and will always do our best to work within your budget. We want to encourage younger people’s involvement in music – it makes for a better future for all of us. Please either phone or call in for details.

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