Williams Audio

If you are a pedal user, and find that most of the modern stuff just doesnt have the vibe you want, then have a look at Williams Audio Pedals.

Pictures coming soon!

Up there in quality with ZVEX, Klon, Matchless/ Bad Cat, Dumble, etc these pedals are amazingly accurate recreations of the originals which are now either too rare or hard to obtain.  This guy trawls the world for the same components that the originals used and absolutely nails it.

Ben King – guitar player for The Yardbirds (yes, he’s filling the shoes of Page, Beck and Clapton!) uses Williams Audio to get the proper tones, and guys from all over the world (including staff on some of the USA’s biggest and best guitar magazines) have been using one of the UK’s best kept secrets for a while now.  A friend of mine who has produced everyone from Longview to Slipknot loves them and has had it in his studio for those moments where a guitarist cant quite coax the depth of tone from his gear that he needs.

I’ve had my wah pedal overhauled and an led added (so I know when its active) and I’d never have believed it if it wasn’t before my ears and eyes. I’ve used his boost pedal for several years now, and its thickened up my tone amazingly and made it much more ‘musical’ – if that makes sense.  Friends of mine have also used the same pedal, then bought another because they can’t stand to hear their tone without the boost on!

Its been one of those ‘ I’ve searched long and hard for the Holy Grail…and finally, I’ve found it!’ things.  One of those things that a good 335 or  strat with some BareKnuckle Pickups in, a beautiful old Fender amp and my Williams pedals just feels like after 30+ years of playing, I finally have a rig that I’m totally happy with.

Trust me, Williams Audio is worth getting into.