Acoustic Guitar Pick ups


Its a tricky job deciding on the right acoustic guitar pick up, there’s a lot of choice out there.

My advice is always to go with something that sounds great, is relatively discreet and reliable. Top of my list of recommendations is the L.R Baggs Element Active System.

First of all, it sounds fantastic. Warm, crisp tones, plenty of volume but without the harshness that a lot of pick ups can have.

Secondly it doesn’t require huge holes routed into the guitar – in fact you have to look closely to see that its actually there.

Thirdly it has a very discreet volume control that sits just up inside the sound-hole and a tasteful jack socket / strap button that replaces the end pin.

The transducer, pre-amp board and 9V battery pouch is nicely hidden away inside of the guitar, quietly doing its job – producing a fantastic acoustic tone.

Its also been a product that I’ve never yet seen fail – a rare feat in such delicate products like these. Its a quality that L.R.Baggs seem to have throughout their product range, and in the heat of the moment on a distant stage in front of record company scouts its there working with you so you can just concentrate on the music.

The cost of the system including fitting (which is recommended by the manufacturer) is £165, half the price of systems with comparable tone. Its why a lot of the high-end manufacturers choose L.R.Baggs.

Also held in stock are the L.R Baggs iBeam Active, iBeam Passive, M1Active and the incredible Anthem – a combination o f the Element and an ingenious active mic that sits inside the guitar to capture the tone from the heart of the source. The two tones are then blended together with the tasteful controls that sit inside the soundhole. Used properly this is my all time favourite acoustic guitar pick up, I’ve fitted it into some beautiful guitars and both my customers and myself have felt that the Anthem system had really done the guitar justice. You can’t really ask more than that.

Other pick ups usually in stock are the Fishman Matrix Infinity, Seymour Duncan Woody and unbranded budget types that resemble the old Fishman Matrix.  Prices start from under £40

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